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Liquid Filter Materials

Hydraulic Filter Materials

  • We provide robust dual phase filter materials with high dust holding capacity and high permeability dedicated to mobile and stationary hydraulic systems

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Media for large transmission filter systems

  • We offer dual phase filter media for extended filter element life time to guarantee long service intervals.


Micro glass lube oil filter materials

  • We provide customized filter material combinations with high dust holding capacity for long service intervals.

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Synthetic wet laid lube oil filter materials

  • We make glass-free filter materials with high efficiency and high permeability

Glass-synthetic blends

  • We offer composite materials with different ratios of glass and synthetic fibers in single or dual phase design

Fuel filter materials

  • We provide efficient heavy duty diesel filter materials with high dewatering capability


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© Roongzaa-shutterstock


Image of the BinNova Liquid Filtration Flyer

Here you can download the BinNova Liquid Filtration Flyer.